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So not much training for the last five weeks, occaisional swim session and slowly building up my running. On the cycling front for the last 4-weeks I've been turning up for the 8.30am Saturday ride from Austin Tri Cyclist on Barton Springs Road and the results have not been good.

The route is a 30-miler, done at for me is a hard pace out and back into hilly country. The bad news is every week, no matter how hard they start, or not, I get to the first incline at about 7-miles and they drop me, I never catch-up. Gradually over the rest of the ride I pick up ones and twos, and although I'm close to the back, I'm never last. Overall its not an encouraging start...

But heck, it gives me a great target to aim for, is much more fun and demanding than just trying to convince myself I should get up and out on Saturday mornings, and then heck I have no idea where to cycle anyway, so its 8.30am this Saturday and I'll be trying to stick with them for 7.5-miles this week.

Net net is at 206lbs and nearly 50, I'm going to struggle to keep with them. Whats more frsutraing, is there is one guy who must be older than me, who has one leg amputated below the knee. Although he's probably only 150lbs, watching him disappear in front of me up the first hill is frustrating as hell, its inspiring to see him go!

Anyone else coming along this Saturday ?
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