Greetings from Austin

Roadhouse relicsWell things are going well. Although work is extremely busy at the moment, sitting on two promotion review boards, and participating in a key corporate study that reports back to the CEO in mid-December , all of which is on top of the day job and trying to claim back about $30,000 in expenses has meant I've spent little time at "home".

Last Saturday after cycling I grabbed some cash and walked the neighbourhood. I walked down the east side of South 1st to the Bouldin Creek Cafe, grabbed a decaf Americano and a biscoti, crossed the street to pick-up my laundry and an Austin American Statesman and slowy strolled the five blocks back to the house.

One of the neighborhood attractions is Palvos, a really popular restaurant, although I've not eaten there yet. One shop I walked past looked really intresting, Roadhouse relics. As I crossed the street after looking in the window at Roadhouse, I heard a young child shout from a car window, "look daddy"... as I turned I saw the side of the shop.

I've seen this on dozens of postcards, even in a few magazines but never noticed it before as I mostly only drive up South 1st, I typically go north off other streets. So it is indeed, greetings from Austin!
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Polvo's is good
a favorite local hangout. Those of us who live/work north have to drive there and hunt for the elusive parking place. Best to go there when you're in a 'leisurely' mood.

Nice picture!
Re: Polvo's is good
Err yes, its fun to watch people trying to parallel park in the street outside. The real problem is at almost any time of day, any day of the week you can smell the food... resistance is futile. I'll probably go for lunch Saturday after cycling.
Re: Polvo's is good
Now what is the point of a decaf americano?
I just don't get it.
Roadhouse looks like a cool place. Maybe I'll have to stop by there next time I am in Dallas :)
Re: Polvo's is good
I try not to do caffeine, its not a religious, health or otherwise thing, I just find that I can get my body used to timezone changes and frequent travel better if I avoid artificial stimulation like caffeine, high sugar content, and most alcohol!

If you ever get to Austin I have space to put you up, there is a great race series here in 2007 and a first time half iron distance late in the year!

I'll reply on your commitment topic when I have more time later...
Re: Polvo's is good
A late half sounds good. You'll have to fill me in on the details. I already have one scheduled the second weekend of September and the Florida IM in November. So it depends when it is. But sounds like fun.
I rarely make it to that part of the country. My brother used to live in Perryton and I used to live in Arkansas, so I would make it through there on occasion, but not in a few years.