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Levi woz 'ere

Well it's happended. For the first time in 22-years I came in to the office today in jeans and really dressed down.

Every one here in the office is really casual, it's not just that it is Austin, it is also becuase it is a manufacturing, engineering hotbed with a ton of very bright software and hardware engineers, we have pool tables and big leather couches in the common area, there is a cycle ride most days, the guys play ultimate frisbee at lunch.

I remember something Phil Gross, my boss back at Chemical Bank in 1983 said to me. He said "you've got to dress how you want to be treated". Today I had some key things to do, so I just wanted to blend in and be ignored.

When I first got to Austin one of the guys in the office told me when I asked about the weather over the winter, "there are only one or two days per year when I can't wear shorts". Greetings from Austin!
Tags: austin, ibm
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