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The Alamo

Alamo Drafthouse signWell the only Alamo I'd heard about was in Western Films, Saturday though it was 2-tickets for the Alamo Drafthouse on South Lamar and Casino Royale. It wasn't too cold and we walked over from the house, maybe 20-minutes across to South Lamar on W. Mary. Arrived just in time, collected the tickets went in a found two seats.

By most standards it was a pretty oridinary cinema, albeit and old one that had been done up. However, when they did it, they took out every other row of seats and put a high bench/table in. On the table were menus and paper, plus pencils. You chose what you want from the menu, including drinks, wrote it down and the ordered was collected and just in time for the start of the film the beers and appetisers arrived.

I have to say eating the entree in the dark was a little difficult, I had the Asian Chicken salad, but otherwise the portions were good, the food good and service non-intrusive during the film. It was really something else to be able to have a couple of beers, relax and know I'd be walking home!

The film was great, good fun, and definately a more adult Bond. Tickets were $6.80 each, which was a bargain compared to the usual multiplex prices, there were no commercials before the film, the had free glasses of ice water and the food was as good as any restaurant in Austin with a similar menu.

Its one to go back to... they do theme night including videoke... where you not only have to sing the words of a song, but also have to act out the part being played on screen behind you. I wonder if I could do "Stormin Norman" Stadler at IM Hawaii in 2005 after his second puncture... well worth thinking about and probably good fun, not to mention a reason to go to the Cinema in my cycling gear! Greetings from Austin!
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