My benchmark run for 2007

Well I left the house somewhat over dressed at 5:30am this morning for a run, it was 51f, and I ran down South 1st, across the bridge, on to the hike and bike trail all the way down to the Mopac bridge, crossed over, came back through Barton Springs, along the trail to South 1st again and back home.

Distance 6.75-miles, time 1hr 7mins exactly. And thats my benchmark for next year. I want to get at least a minute quicker per month from now on. By April for my first big race, the St Anthonys triathlon, I should be back to my best 10k times. Running doesn't get any easier, but hopefully given it wont be that cold here, I won't get any harder!

So plan is to be at around 1-hour for the same run by June. Which means 1:03 by March. We'll see.

Edit: In fact I think I'll do the Go For the Gold 10k & Fiesta 5k Fun Run 2007 on March 10th as a test. Time for a 10k PB.