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Well it's been a frustrating few days...

Here's to the holidays. and a new start to a New Year as the old one isn't ending too well after a few really good months.

1. I was out for my 6+7 ride which finally turned into 6+8.5, and was
only the hill up towards Bee Caves on Route 71.  As I approached the
hill I was doing 42MPH, then 35,30,25,20,15, 12 and was dropping gears, I dropped into my lowest gear front and back and decided to power up the
hill.  At 205lbs with massive legs which make me a force to be recokoned
with on the flat, my chain came off; got caught between the front chain
ring and bottom Bracket,

I didn't react quickly enough and forced the rear deraileur up which caught in a spoke, ripped the derailuer hanger off the frame and wrecked the back wheel.  Sigh...  Started walking towards Bee Caves.  Ira stopped and gave me a short ride to Starbucks where I sat and calmed down with the help of a grande decaf Americano and waited for Kris to get back from Yoga.  I called and started walking barefoot along Bee Caves.  I have to say Austin is much more cyclist friendly than NY.  Last time something like this happened a bunch of NY cyclists rode by but did nothing, this time many stopped, some offered phone calls, Ira actually gave me a ride; and while I was walking along Bee Caves a guy in a Red Truck actually stopped and volunteered a lift back into town.

2. So, later the same day after dropping the bike off for repairs at 360 Cycleworks, it was time for some Xmas shopping.  I got some cash from the BoA drive thru ATM up off 183.  The cash came out but my card wouldn't.  You could see it trying to get out, but it just couldn't make it. 3 attempts and the message came up, "your card has been retained.". I stopped by the bank today to pick-up the card only to be told that all cards retained are automatically destroyed.  They said it would take 4-7 days for a replacement.  I bet 10-12 days in the holiday season, great time to have no ATM card... good job I'm going back to the UK and have enough cash to last...

3. After increasing my run mileage last week to 16-miles in a week, from virtually nothing for the last 2-months, I should have known better and built up slowly.  Yep, I have knee problems.  Any of the Austin triathletes recommend a good sports injuries clinic??  I'd like to get it checked out rather than just ice it and hope for the best.

4. Woke up yesterday not feeling so well, felt like I was getting a cold.  Took a few shots of Zicam(yes I know...); drank copious amounts of Diet Green Tea, and eat a bunch of carrots and finally two Nyquil.  This morning my glands were up, and I felt much more poorly, after another couple of shots of Zicam, 8x 100mg Vitamin C tablets, half a gallon of Diet Green Tea I'm feeling much much better.

5. And finally, another note to Austin residents.  Watch your speed on Ben White Blvd. if heading to the airport, just before the junction with Riverside Dr. I got pulled by a motorcycle cop. ;-) good news was that I had a suitcase on the back seat, a rental car, a foreign drivers license and was heading to the airport, he apologised for ruining my trip and as I was leaving the country(I never said that, he assumed it) he reduced my ticket to 5MPH over the limit. So thats some good news at least...

I'm sure thats the end of this run of bad luck. Just in case I never post again, I'll have been killed in an American Airlines plane crash on Wednesday 20th either Austin to Chicago, or Chicago to London... I'll post on Thursday to laugh at my improved luck!
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