Back in blighty

Well I arrived safely back in the UK. In fact given the very poor weather conditions causing massive flight cancellations, my travel was pretty uneventful.

I didn't sleep much on the 22-hour marathon but when I got in last night I decided despite the icy conditions i'd get up early and cycle over to Bath university for an early swim session.

I went bed at 9.30pm expecting to wake up at 6.15 to go out on my bike for a 15 mile bike in the freezing fog. At about 8.55am I opened my my eyes, checked my Treo and I'd set the clock for 6.30pm... d'oh.

Eventually got up at 12.30 and am going for a swim at the local pool this afternoon instead.

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Did you possibly enter ABIA about 9:30am 12/20?
Triman, I could have sworn I saw you pass by behind the AA curbside checkin to enter ABIA Wed morning while I was in line. And again as I wandered around O'Hare in Chicago. Was that possibly you? if so, wasn't air travel crazy last week?
Re: Did you possibly enter ABIA about 9:30am 12/20?
yep that would have been me. Where were you going?

Pretty much as usual I was late getting to the airport, and the AA 1st class line came to a complete standstill for 15-mins while they dealt with two problem passengers. The AA crew at ABIA really need to learn from the Tampa or LFA crews how to deal with 1st.

You should have said something especially in Chicago, you could have come in the Flagship (1st) class lounge with me at gate K19... I had a 3-hour wait.

otherwise I didn't think it was so bad... given all the travel I'm a bit numb to it all now and don't really notice...

on my way back today. had a couple of good swim sessions and a good ride yesterday in the English countryside. see you New Years Eve at Jack and Adams?