Appreciate what you have

The minature earthand do your best for a better world.

As I sit at Londons Heathrow airport in the quite serenity of the AA 1st Class lounge, I got tagged with this by Simon. It's a somber reminder why rushing out to the sales over the next few days to cram our houses full of more stuff perhaps shouldn't be a priority.
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It's pretty incredible to put it in perspective. I think that's one of the big issues here because many of the richest people in Bermuda are (ironically) the ones who have been to third world countries and who have been to see real abject poverty, while poor Bermudians fly to New Jersey or Florida to see the closest thing to real poverty. Even so, everything is relative in a country with an average income over $52,000 PA.

Neat blog on about a guy who lived on less than a dollar a day for a month: