Stacy by moonlight!

Big Stacy Pool, AustinWell I can't begin to say how enjoyable it was to swim at Stacy Pool on Live Oak last night. I had Jerry Clarke around to do some electrical work, he did a reasonable job on connecting up my phones etc., he was finished just before 7pm and so I decided to go over to and see "Stacy".

Against my better judgment, given the shortage of time, I jumped in the truck and drove over there. When I arrived there were maybe only 4-5 people swimming. I jumped in one side of the large lane, the water was surprising warm and not too chlorinated, I started my watch and did my benchmark swim for this year.

56-lengths, 100ft/30m per length, 5600ft, 1706m - 35:02, giving a slow 32-minute 1500m pace.

It didn't hurt, my arms felt good and the plan is to get back to a 26-minute 1500m by St Anthonys triathlon in April, much to do! However, it was truly a pleasure to swim, clear water, clear, starlit sky. I plan to swim Mondays and Thursdays from 7pm now!
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Stacy by moonlight!
You'd really have loved Stacy back before it was chlorinated at all; the water came direct from the springs, warm springs in the winter and cold springs in the summer. That meant emptying and refilling a couple of times a day but it was great.