Jack and Adams New Years Eve

It will be hard to explain to my UK tri friends how different new years eve was.

Jack and Adams have just moved their tri shop to here. To celebrate the opening and to ring in the new year they threw a New Years Eve party. So, it's Austin, I figured for something different.

The shop is on the corner of two fairly major roads just across the river from down town Austin. So, reasonably high visibility. We arrived at 9pm, the party was in full swing in the parking lot, there was no one checking ages or invites at the "door". Find your way over to the beer tent, they had two pretty decent beers on tap; plenty of food and a band playing. About an hour later they had a "fashion show" with the latest triathlon gear; they handed out free raffle tickets and did a draw where they gave out endless small prizes, 3x triathlon wetsuits and an electric guitar.

Just before midnight there was bubbly stuff a cheer, and then it wound down as most people went to watch the fireworks over in the park. By UK Standards the whole evening was amazing. 1. That a retailer would do this... 2). that there was very little evidence of any free loaders 3). no one was drinking themself into oblivion 4). the beer lasted all night 5). the band was great. Apparently at least one of the shop mechanics was playing lead guitar and vocals. They were really very good, especially it was getting cold towards midnight. You can play this video from just before midnight to get an idea. And yes... Kris did enjoy it!

Hopefully if I survive the mornings ride from that other triathlon shop on Barton Springs Road, I'll be out Sunday for the Jack and Adams ride! HAPPY NEW YEAR!
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