Benchmark 5k run

So my running isn't up to much. I was pleased though with tonights run, I was late home from work and decided but it was still in the mid-60's, so it was a "must run" evening. I decided on a hard short run to see how my legs were coming along. Turns out it was pretty close to 4-miles exactly according to the Garmin.

Given I've only really been back in training a week I was pleased with the results, a 9:08 pace over 4.01 miles. I was able to push on the way back up South 1st, although my knees were starting to stiffen.

Two interesting things from tonights run.

1. Were did everybody go ? - Even on cold days the hike and bike trail is busy with runners, walkers and dog walkers. Tonight although I only ran a short section, I saw nobody... is there some city ordinance  about running after dark, or is just a bad idea?

2. Why do the majority of people run the hike and bike trail on the town side anti-clockwise, ie from east to west ? If you run laps and stick to the riverside isn't it more natural? and isn't there something in the koran about anti-clockwise and the devil ? Still, nice to have the trail to myself.

Like my swimming and longers runs I still hav emuch to do; this pace is just slightly short of what I need for my half marathon time, and theres no way I could have held it more than 4-miles tonight. It's also slow for my best 5k times, I need to be about 3-minutes quicker over this distance to get even close to a reasonable 5k time(for me.).

Summary Data
Total Time (h:m:s)0:36:399:08 pace
Moving Time (h:m:s)0:36:399:08 pace
Distance (mi )4.01
Moving Speed (mph)6.6 avg.10.8 max.
Elevation Gain (ft) +1,138 / -1,093

Next up, bike ride in the morning and then a year plan.
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:) I think everyone else has a LIFE and arranges their running so they can go out Friday nights. Just a thought. Man, if I had a Garmin I'd be the data queen. Probably a good thing I don't...I keep telling myself to speed up just in case.
are you suggesting I don't have a life ? outrageous.

besides I was done and showered by 8:15 way too early to go out... the fact that I spent the evening watching the Villa vs Chelsea game off the Tivo from Tuesday is a whole 'nother matter...