Life in New York can be a rollercoaster, from great fun to great depression. There are highs - in sky scrapers, and lows on the streets and subways, when I lived there every now and again I'd hear about or meet someone that really made you think.

Last night I went to the Dobie theatre on Guadalupe, another "keep austin weird" location, to see "Man Push Cart" - I couldn't stay right to the end, but you could see where it was going. It was a compelling art-house small distribution film that was part movie, part documentary. If you don't get the American dream, have not lived in the lows, and don't understand how NY ticks, it makes an fascinating insight into that world.

Unfortunately last night it was showing at the Dobie, but if you can find it on anywhere else, or surprise surprise if it ever shows up on cable or DVD its well worth the watch.
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