You've got to train to be a champion!

Well I was getting stir crazy, I missed a run with  triathletebigo on Friday becuase of the rain, I missed cycling Saturday becuase of the rain, and after that the cold set in and Kris's flight was delayed which meant I missed Mondays re-match with triathletebigo. So today I couln't stay in any longer...

As I did my longest run of the year so far, I gave some thougt to this blog entry. Should I boast becuase I'd been out training when it seemed like the rest of Austin had gone into hibernation? Nah... after a winter in NY and 8-years of athletic winters in the UK, I've got all the gear(and some idea...) and am used to 32-degrees, positively balmy by some days in NY last winter. Then I thought I'd write about how deserted Austin was, and despite that the women outnumbered the men jogging on the hike and bike trail, but a last minute surge by the guys meant that was a non-story(if I remember the result was 10-7 to the guys... and two loonies running in shorts!)

Just as I was running back along the south bank of Town Lake, past Stevie Ray and the new guitars, a few people came the other way, I caught the eye of the last one, there was the unmistakeable glint in the eye of Desiree Ficker who went by in the other direction, living up to her moto, "if it's hurting me, its killing them!"

So much for guys vs girls out in the cold, the runner up at Kona trumps all the guys!

Anyway, finished, although I took it easy and walked all the bridges as they at least looked icy. The only real ice was on the corkscrew ramp down from the pedestrian bridge on Lamar. Just after the first loop there was sheer black ice. Watch out if you are going out in the morning. Otherwise South 1st was very quiet, all the restaurants closed, not much traffic. South Lamar on the way back up was busier, but mostly only the gas stations open. If you are looking for food, Whataburger on the corner of South 1st and Barton Springs Rd. was open earlier!

Distance: 8.29 mi
Duration: 01:30:48
Day: Tuesday
Start Time: 1/16/07 4:40 PM
Finish Time: 1/16/07 6:11 PM
Time Zone: Central (US & Canada)
  • Current Location: Austin, Texas
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sounds like an awesome run (except for the cold part). I bet the trail is great and quiet right now! very cool.