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Metblog moo cards

For those who met up last night at the Gingerman on 4th for the Metroblogging Austin 'fest and admired my minicards, I ordered them from, although they are UK based I didn't wait for long for them to make it to the US. You can have them all done with the same picture, or have them randomly printed from Flickr... They will still do 100 minicards for $19.99 and you can include a logo or the details side as well if you want.

Good to meet Tim and everyone else, Tim says it took him 20-30 minutes to de-ice his car. It only took me 22-mins to walk into town, and the car is de-icing itself today ;-) So mark that down as saved time, except I had to walk back too...

Don't read the Austin Metblog ? It's here in the web. Or here for an RSS reader or aggregator. Keep up the good work Tim, Heath, Wae, MJL, MSW et al.
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