Triathlon England - The Assimilation IS complete

It is with some amusement that I read the British Triathlon website today, that after an exhaustive search, Jem Lawson has been appointed the new chair of triathlon England. Now theres a surprise. While this wasn't exactly the outcome I imagined back in 2004, Jem Lawson was only the Vice Chair of the English Triathlon Forum.

Amanda Cantle, triathlon England PresidentThe announcement includes gushing qoutes from his shill Amanda Cantle, new triathlon England President and fellow North East referee, as if they need one, a President that is, not qoutes or a referee! Too many cooks?

The one good thing to come out of all this is that hopefully the members of triathlon England will now get some accountability and transparency that Jem Lawson so enthusiastically spoke against when he was JUST a board member of British Triathlon Association, for surely it can't be heading back to meetings in working mens clubs so far away nobody can be ar*ed to attend?[1]

At least they have a good example to learn from, the North East Region has been publishing their minutes on the Northern Pulse website in good order, and in good time with public access, no-registration required. Coincidentally, their latest meeting was yesterday... In fact when discussing Jems appointment it records "our Regional Chair, already installed as President of Triathlon England these are very proud days for north-east triathlon." - Indeed so, perhaps we can expect to see the same for triathlon England now.

So, now with the long list of triathlon world champions the North East has produced, they now have an illustrious list of sports administrators. Hopefully it won't be long before Brendan Fosters' Nova International are on hand to provide some expert consultancy on media marketing and extended promotional activities.

Nice to see London and the South finally got their act together, did one person jump off the White Cliffs at Dover followed by all the rest ? Leaving poor old Martin trying to find the baby after the bath water had all gone...

[1] I have an outstanding email to reply to that asks for advice on holding virtual meetings etc. Must reply soon...
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