You gotta luv business travel, all those perks... Not.

Well I'm glad that week is over and I'm not looking forward to getting on the scales Monday. Tuesday night I didn't go to bed, and mostly ate high sugar content cr*p out of the vending machine for dinner.

Wednesday I had to fly up to NY, the flight from Austin to Dallas was delayed which meant a last minute rush to get to the Dallas flight and no time to eat. So after 2-hours on the plane it was time for a bag of M&M's, only they didn't have the peanut or almond M&Ms just the full on choclate ones and only a large bag at that. Got to the hotel at 10:20pm, went to get a glass of Red wine at the bar to help me chill out, got caught by two of my prior VP's... three glasses of Red wine later, and completely spent I fell asleep on the bed fully clothed...

All day Thursday was socialising with the Senior Execs, grabbing food here and there, no real healthy choices just more carb/sugar rich junk, cookies, brownies, etc. etc. Even dinner was buffet. Thursday was more socialising, catching up with various people, more red wine, oh and don't mention the marshmallows and choclate dip/fountain...

Then yesterday started well, lean and mean for breakfast and an 8am start, but the first break wasn't until 10:40... starting to wilt it was back to the high sugar content junk, then lunch, then a few last people to talk to(over coffee and brownies)... and then dash to the airport.

Flight at 6.20pm, was hoping American would let me trade my NY/Dallas/Austin ticket for a NY/Tampa/Dallas/Austin ticket and pay the difference, no chance, they wanted $750 ... oh and the NY/Dallas flight is over and hour late. Anyone thats been to LGA Laguardia airport in NY knows that once through security there isn't any food available... so thats another day without dinner. Never mind maybe I'll get upgraded to first... Nope. I only made 6th on the list! Thats what comes of fying with 20 heavy travellers... and some of them even paid for first... d'oh.

Still maybe I'll get a sandwhich on the plane. Oh no you won't they turned it around so quick they didn't have time to load it, oh and theres no hot water in the bathrooms, in fact apparently no water in the bathrooms. Not that I was going anywhere near them.

When we got to Dallas at 10.10pm I was ready to burn some carbs and sprint for the 10:40 flight to Austin. No need. 1). The gate was the next one along.. and 2). I had been delayed 2-hours... what to do when stuck at an airport with some 20 of your fellow execs, its 10:20pm and the only place open is Fridays. Yep. Beer.

Finally at 12:40 we boarded and took off for the short flight to Austin, getting in at 1:22am. I'm starving, think I'll just grab a pack of peanut M&Ms on the way out... :-(
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Just an FYI - we're looking into making a product for executives, travelers, and such who have the means and need for a decent quality food alternative.
I need to get smarter about travelling and stick a couple of cliff bars in my bag. That would be better than junk food...

don't forget to let me know when you've decided to go ahead...
MetRx make a halfway decent product also - packs a few more calories. I also use beef jerky (seriously).

If we go ahead you'll know if you're reading my blog, but I would certainly appreciate your feedback since I have a sneaking suspicion that the elite corporate crowd (ie. business travelers, busy executives, et al) are an untapped market where superior performance is at a distinct premium - and that it may be possible to sell that quality nutrition can keep performance high.

High performance food for high performance people.
it's amazing, isnt' it, what most people consider food? i've been in those situations, where there's just nothing good, or even halfway good, available. it makes me crazy.

carry clif bars!!!
My sympathy!
Oh, I was cringing reading this! ouch!! those are the kinds of things I had to survive on when I was... getting really fat! only you wonder if you're better off abstaining instead of eating/drinking crap?

I agree with the consensus - clif bars. At least they're not a liquid over 3 oz. and you can carry them on..... Water, of course, is another story.

Arriving in Austin at 1:22am. Ugh. And I thought I had it bad when I was delayed from O'Hare (Non-Business travel) on Dec 25 (scheduled arrival 11:10pm) getting in at 12:15am. You'll probably laugh at that. That's probably a very short delay. I'll quit whining now.
Re: My sympathy!
Yeah, but I can't really blame the food, after all I could have skipped much of it and should, it was either social grazing, ie talking to someone else who is eating, overtide, becuase I hadn't slept regularly and was eating for the sugar high, or juts plain eating for eating sake.

I'd say being late on December 25th trumps a late arrival early in January...