Finally a decent training weekend

Starting my training this year has been a bit of a hit and miss. I've had a few decent individual sessions, but have had a hard time getting two decent sessions on consecutive days.

8-mile run around town lakeSaturday I got in a slow but steady 8.5-mile run, improved time over my last effort at this distance

Location:Austin, Travis, Texas, United States
Distance:8.21  mi
Start Time:1/27/07 5:49 PM
Finish Time:1/27/07 7:11 PM
Time Zone:Central (US & Canada)
Long'ish ride out inc 360
My legs were feeling a little tired this morning and it was windy and cold when I set out, legs ok for most of the ride but the chain came off 3x, and its developed a clikc when in the big ring, need to take it back to Cycle360 and get them to look at it, they fixed it up after my earlier problems.

Location:Austin, Travis, Texas, United States
Distance:42.35  mi
Start Time:1/28/07 9:19 AM
Finish Time:1/28/07 12:15 PM
Time Zone:Central (US & Canada)

I'm going to go to the Austin Triathlon meeting Monday evening and will defer my swim session to Tuesday evening. Hopefully the weather will be warm enough to let me do a run/swim/run session. Fingers crossed for a problem free couple of weeks and I should have my base back.
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