People are going to start talking...

I had Stacy to myself again tonight except for the last 15-mins when another woman turned up.

I took my swim gear to the office this morning fully intending to go swimming tonight. However, I left late and when I got outside the office I was fed-up as its cold.... and I was only in a work shirt and pants, no coat or sweater. I decided that as it was so cold and late I'd abandon any hope of going swimming and then wouldn't get frustrated when I got held up by the traffic on Mohpac or I35.

As it turned out Mahopac was empty tonight, where was everyone ? I arrived back at my shouse on the stroke of 7pm, only  a 18-minute drive home. Raced up stairs, changed into some old jeans a sweatshirt[1], grabbed a training top and ran back out of the door and jumped in the truck for the short drive over to Stacy. When I got there only one other person was swimming and the water was steaming..

A quick change, into the water and I was steaming, I'm back to 27-min 1500m swims already. Primarily done in blocks of 16-lengths of 100ft per length. My best set was the 2nd, which I completed the 487m in 9.08. Soon I'll be ready for one of those early morning Barton Springs sessions!

[1] Mudman, cicra 2002 - "I had a dirty weekend"
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