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Went on the 60-mile Sunday 11am ride from Jack and Adams... had a great ride but won't be doing that again, by the time I got back, had a late lunch, showered, cleaned up the bike etc. the day was over. Sigh... and it was so nice to ride with company!

Seven of us started out on the 60-mile ride with Mark leading; we snaked our way up Dawson/South 5th way out beyond Ben White, and eventually caught up with with of the other groups who left after us, including cam_ray. I guess somewhere around there we dropped one guy, and as we wound up I found myself on the front and pushing along the Old San Antonio road, only to look back and see there was no one behind me... The pace on the way out did seem a bit pedestrian, it took us 1.:59:47 to cover the 32-miles to the gas station on the outskirts of San Marcos.

After a brief break we remounted and it was time to head back, one of the women though held the main group back as she was putting plastic bags on her feet for the cold, I looked down the road and Lauren Walker and another guy were already disappearing over the horizon, so I set off to chase them leaving three behind me. I was soon joined and passed by one of the other guys the best I could see is them riding about 2/3 mile ahead. After starting on starting on FM2770, I passed the guy who started out with Lauren, and they were getting closer, after a sustained push I caught them about 2-miles out of Buda Main St. my average on 2770 was 21.5MPH

Who knew that how hard that catch-up would be. We sat on the corner of Buda main St and waited 15-mins for the others to catch-up and then it was a warm down ride back into Austin.

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I guess they were hoping it'd 'warm up'
by making the start time 11. I just wanted an 'easy ride' but I guess my definition of 'easy ride' didn't coincide with the training coordinator. She was going to send me on the 18 mile ride. I didn't mean THAT easy! I was riding more or less with Cam also, she stopped along OSAR to answer her phone and up the road I thought I should wait for her. Then y'all passed by me and I realized I didn't know the route, but she probably did. I decided I should try and keep at least some of the group in sight, so I took off again. Fortunately, Glenda, Shannon and Katherine waited for us at Main St in Buda (but I'm sure it wasn't 15 minutes!). 30 miles was just what I was looking for pre-AT&T. I guess most of the 20 people did the beginner ride, if your group had 7 and we had 5. Other than the late start time, I really thought it was a good idea.
Re: I guess they were hoping it'd 'warm up'
Yeah, you're right, it was a good idea and we could have ridden out of town together, as we didn't start cranking things up until we were way out of town... I passed Cam just as she was stoping...

Given I'm usually a "billy no mates" for rides, I tend to leave early and get back early, that 11am start was nice, I got a few things done before getting ready, I was just surprised how much of the day it eat-up... maybe I'll come again especially as it was fun to have some people to chase... and they were good riders, Lauren was 11.:11:08 at IMFL last year... but I couldn't do that as a regular start time...