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Easy ride, great swim, bad ankle

Well Presidents Day made the drive from work on Burnet Road down to the Travis Heights neighborhood a snap, instead of the peak commute of 40-minutes, today it just took 20. When I got to Stacy pool you could tell the weather was warmed up, or was it becuase it was Presidents Day ?

Anyway, my honeymoon with Stacy is over, rather than jumping in and swimming, I had to wait to share a lane. However, as I'd got there early enough becuase of the light traffic, I still had time to do my first 3000m set of the year, and not a bad time 50-minutes and 50-seconds, without any real planning my swim training has gone really well this year.

Mostly I think for two reasons. One is I've not been following any sets which have you do assorted drills, strokes etc. I've just been getting in a doing 500m straight swims, 16-lengths, take the time, 15-seconds rest and the next set of 500m for as long as I can before Stacy closes up for the night. Second, rogerdoger's report on his swim coaching where he revealed the most useful thing he'd learnt was to swim like you were climbing up a long barrel. This has really helped me focus on the pull part of my stroke, and this year its much stronger.

The bad news is despite a good ride Saturday morning and short brick session, without any signs of a problem, by Sunday afternoon I could barely stand on my ankle. Convinced I'd done something serious I spent the next 2-hours getting increasing depressed. I sat down and rested my ankle. I got up about 30-mins later and the ankle was fine, and has been since.

While the ankle feels a weak, I can't make up my mind, serious problem or just another CPPD attack?
Tags: health, training
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