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Ankle update and w/e training

Saw AJ at Advanced Rehab here in Austin this morning, did seem too phased about the state of my leg and worked on my ankle and then set me up for some physio. He seems to think that my right ankle is pretty weak and needs some work, it certainly doesn't have much of a range of motion, but he didn't think it was injured... which means last weekend was the CPPD. His optimistic outlook is he might be able to take 5-mins off my 10k time ;-)

So, running is back on. Given the weather predictions I'll probably stay home in the morning, then go out for a 60-mile bike early on Sunday, any Austin trigeeks want to come along? Start 7.00am, ride at your pace, followed by a 6-mile brick from my house off South 1st. down and around Town Lake... I'll happily bike with you... its still a base session for me, speed sessions don't start for another week!
Tags: advancedrehab, injury, training
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