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Moving in and more on the ankle, not as simple as it seems

My garage
Well I think I've finally moved in. It's only been 4-months, but I know I'm there now as I've got all my bike gear sorted out in the garage and from now on I can concentrate on training and getting my set-up right, not trying to find things!

And yes, I do have 2x track pumps, 4x pairs of Carnac bike shoes... mostly these are an artificats from trying to live out of three diferent places.

Sunday morning I went out and did a 50-mile ride at 90% effort, felt pretty good, and did some good hills, as well as was able to blast on Mohpac between Bee Caves and 290 and back, although back was much harder.

Once I got home I did a quick transition in the garage and then went on a run, I met KKW down at Jack and Adams parking lot and we ran the hike and bike trail and back. For me it was kinda tough, after a couple of weeks out of running I was slow, especially after a reasonably hard bike session.

So, my run covered 3.38-miles, no noticeable problems with my ankle, which is good news. Later in the day though while sitting on the bed I pulled my toes back and got a shooting pain up the back outside of my ankle and lower leg. Same or similar pain for most of the rest of the day and to a degree this morning. The pain is so severe when I put my weight on my right foot and lean back and forward it is enough to make me cry out.

So, maybe it is something more serious? Maybe a stress fracture... I dunno. I'll discuss again with AJ on Wednesday, but need to get the bottom of this. Anyone else got any suggestions ?
Tags: injury, life, training
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