Moving in and more on the ankle, not as simple as it seems

My garage
Well I think I've finally moved in. It's only been 4-months, but I know I'm there now as I've got all my bike gear sorted out in the garage and from now on I can concentrate on training and getting my set-up right, not trying to find things!

And yes, I do have 2x track pumps, 4x pairs of Carnac bike shoes... mostly these are an artificats from trying to live out of three diferent places.

Sunday morning I went out and did a 50-mile ride at 90% effort, felt pretty good, and did some good hills, as well as was able to blast on Mohpac between Bee Caves and 290 and back, although back was much harder.

Once I got home I did a quick transition in the garage and then went on a run, I met KKW down at Jack and Adams parking lot and we ran the hike and bike trail and back. For me it was kinda tough, after a couple of weeks out of running I was slow, especially after a reasonably hard bike session.

So, my run covered 3.38-miles, no noticeable problems with my ankle, which is good news. Later in the day though while sitting on the bed I pulled my toes back and got a shooting pain up the back outside of my ankle and lower leg. Same or similar pain for most of the rest of the day and to a degree this morning. The pain is so severe when I put my weight on my right foot and lean back and forward it is enough to make me cry out.

So, maybe it is something more serious? Maybe a stress fracture... I dunno. I'll discuss again with AJ on Wednesday, but need to get the bottom of this. Anyone else got any suggestions ?
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Sounds vaguely like tendonitis that I had my sr. year of high school. Started one day after an uneventful 5k race and I was on crutches by the time we went to get back on the bike. It ran down the outside of my left ankle and would hurt for no good reason (unlike the more predictable "if I move like this it will hurt" injuries that I was used to).

Mine was caused by a combination of overuse and wearing shoes with dual density soles.
It took a few weeks before I was able to run the last few weeks of the season then I took a few months off once the season finished. Today (7 years later!) I still occasionally have issues, but it's rare.
No suggestions, but Nice organization!
I'm jealous. That's VERY organized. I got a bunch of Elfa stuff at the Container Store sale, but as part of it was not available at the time, hasn't been constructed yet. :( But my bikes are hanging from the garage ceiling.

So sorry about your ankle. That sounds very painful. And, don't take this the wrong way, but speaking from personal experience of an old woman, after having done the AT&T Half Marathon, and then a reverse tri starting with a 5K yesterday, what you ran before the pain started (3.38mi) is not a long run. You should not be in that much pain after a "short" run. Wonder if something is 'off' with your bike technique (which was the longer workout)? I'm not even remotely connected to the health care community but as a fellow triathlete I'd wonder if there is some stress or overuse going on with the pained ankle. (lots of clipping in/out? cornering? uphill/pulling work? new shoes? wrong size shoes?)

Looked for you (Again) tonight at AT meeting. We had a smaller crowd this time but no pa system and it was just as hard to hear the guest speakers! We had all blonde women and one brunette man (Brandon). They gave some interesting insights into their training and lives.

Good luck getting that ankle taken care of.
I am extremely jealous of your garage!
It doesn't sound like a stress fracture. More soft tissue. Strain or tendinitis.
How long has it been going on?
What have you done for it?
Does anything help?
What makes it worse?
Its been about 6-weeks now, nagging pain and then a couple of w/e's ago real hurt. I've iced when real pain and elevated it...

It just comes and goes. I have this CPPD desease which is known as psuedo gout becuase the symptoms are so similar... it may be that. I'm seeing AJ at Advanced Rehab, last week he didn't think it was much as I didn't have the problem, I'm going to see him again in the morning and will go for a run before hand so I can give him the up to date and see from there...

May just be a strain though...