Benchmark run, ankle update and Stacy

Just a quick update. Swam at Stacy Thursday evening, it was relatively cool, but very enjoyable. Had to share my lane with a lady in a blue swim hat. She politely asked if we could circle swim so she wouldn't have to swim next to the wall all the time. Oxygen deprived, for a minute I wasn't with it but soon agreed.

She stopped at the ends of the lane a few times to let me pass, and before I knew it she was getting out. I stopped and asked her if everything was ok. She said "it was like swimming in a shipping lane"... I guess she meant me ;-)

So, early Friday I had to run, I'm just not a morning man, but AJ wanted me to go out and try the ankle before going to see him. So I did. I took it easy down South 1st to the hike and bike trail and was able to push for most of the run back to South 1st when I started to tire, I checked my watch and realised if I pushed hard to the end I'd be ahead of my benchmark. 1:02:32 - Not where I wanted to be, but given the problems and lack of running, my fastest this year and a 5-minute improvement over my benchmark.

No problem with the ankle, although it still hurts from time to time. Up at Advanced Rehab I had Brian work on me for 45-mins, and then AJ for 20-mins. It was the most painful massage I've had. As AJ pointed out, my right leg and ankle has a lot of bad scar tissue, and this is stopping the proper use of the small muscles.

I have to admit, despite the pain, my ankle is feeling stronger than it has for nearly 30-years!
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