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Fast Forward

So Saturday I did the Austin Tricyclist 8.30am ride, for the first time I got to nearly 11-miles before I couldn't see the group in front, I was dropping further and further back on the hills. Round onto Bee caves road though I picked up speed as usual and soon joined in the 2nd group. Overall an excellent ride, still felt powerful at the end and was able to power back along 360. I went for a short run afterwards around my block, Live Oak and down S 1st to Bouldin Creek Coffee shop... food of champions ;-)

Profile Fast Forward Seat postSunday it was time to get "big red" out of mothballs. I hadn't used it since my win at the Sand Key triathlon last September. The chain was a bit stickyy and needed some work but otherwise in good shape. I switched to a Profile Fast Forward seatpost I bought off ebay earlier this year and set off to cover the same workout as yesterday to see how things compared. Getting along Barton Springs Road was a nightmare because of the Kite Festival, but eventually I was on the tri bars going as flat out as I could manage.

It took me sometime to get warmed up but by the time I was on South West Parkway, I felt strong, sadly that wasn't enough, the wind like yesterday was strong too. The gearing on my race bike really isn't made for hills, its a time trial/triathlon set-up but I was going well, at the turn into Bee Caves, despite the wind and the hold up in Barton Springs I was 2-minutes ahead of yesterday. Once on Bee caves I powered along and soon got my average up to 18.5MPH and was crusing on the flat and downhill parts at 25mph+

Stayed strong to the end, although Barton Springs was still closed when I got back, I still managed to get back to the house 5-minutes faster, I suspect this has more to do with the wheels and the bike set-up than the Fast Forward seat post, I did a running dismount on my drive, straight into the garage, on with the running shoes and turn around and back out, my legs felt great. This was without a doubt the strongest I've ever felt running off the bike. Getting fit maybe. I've always been sceptical about Fast Forward seat posts, believing that they don't really make a difference... but you know I really think it did.

So, if you don't have a tri geometry bike, you might just want to try one. I'll certainly be planning on using it for my first two events this year to see if the results continue!
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