Simon Lessing TriTalk charity raffle

In case you are interested, elite triathlete four times former World Champion Simon Lessing, has sent me six lots of his 2006 Tri Dubai triathlon and cycling kit. In 2007 he has new sponsors.

I've organised an online draw in aid of Simons chosen charities, Athletes for a Cure and WorldVision. Details, pictures etc. Here:

The draw will be made on April 7th by Jasmine Flatters, former chair of the British Triathlon Association. Once entries have closed on April 6th, all entries will be available as a password encrypted spreadsheet that can be downloaded, when Jasmine has drawn the numbers, the numbers and the password for the spreadsheet will be posted online for all to check to see if they are winners!

Not sure how attractive this will be for my US tri buddies, given Simon is a Brit' and the entry is priced in GB Pounds, but good luck!
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That'd be awesome if Simon wasn't twice my size.

My first time ever racing Elite was when I was 19 at a race in Ft. Desoto where I had won my age group the year before and wanted to let someone else have a shot. So I raced elite. Except that Richard Allen and Simon Lessing showed up and did a Horizon Job on all the local studs. Pretty cool to stand on the start line with a god.
Cool... I've raced Desoto a few times, I know Fred well, in fact we are set-up for a grudge match at St Anthonys Triathlon this year in the same age group!

Any plans to race at Desoto/St Pete in 2007?

On the kit I have to say, its pretty small... for a large... but then I guess you have your own sponsors now ;-)
I have no plans to be down there in 2007 - although I may be doing business in Tampa by the end of the year, so it is possible. The Top Cop triathlon in Temple Terrace is my favorite race in the world. Did you ever do that one?

Fred Sommer? Met him but don't know him.

As for sizing, I have to have my small tri-tops taken in.
Never did Temp Terrace... maybe this year :-)

And its Fred Rzymek thats the Race Director for Fort Desoto... and the other races out at the Park. Fred is a long time member of the St Pete Mad Dogs triathlon club...

I've never met Fred Sommer of the Floridian races etc.

And wow... you must be small... at 6'2" and 200lbs I can only dream of fitting in the Tri Dubai kit, although Simons promised me a 2007 top that should fit ;-)
I think I may know him, especially if he did the Tuesday/Thursday night rides or rode 26 North on Saturday. I really miss those rides, used to be really fun to go out with Woodruff and company and put the hammer down.

I'm 5'9" 137 lbs... and was 128lbs for a while when running in college.

Do you know Simon from his Florida days?