The land that time forgot...

I guess most of Austin forgot to change their clocks at the w/e, or if they did decided they didn't want to go out in the dark today.

Mostly as reverse commuter I never get held up in traffic, and often smile quietly at the traffic jammed up on the other side, not today! There was no queue over the Lamar bridge, nothing much coming from North down to South down Mopac, and for me just a sweet 18-minute run into the office!
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I wondered that too,
till I remembered it's Spring Break for a lot of people - the big traffic jam was Friday afternoon with everyone trying to get out of town!
Re: I wondered that too,
d'oh of course... not being American means spring break is meaningless to me... does that mean the pools will be busier or not this week?
Re: I wondered that too,
well, since my youngest kids are 22 years old, it took me a while to catch on, too! From what I remember about this "Tradition", families pile their kids into cars and take them to destinations of all sorts: Disneyworld, South Padre Island (not for the young ones), and in the case of my sister who lives in Marble Falls, drive up to visit Mom and Grandma in Illinois. My guess is that we'll have the pools to ourselves!
Re: I wondered that too,
Oh ok, I thought it was all about going to Daytonna and showing off your "engine" or going to Panama City Beach and showing off your "boobs" - its funny what you see on TV...

Good news about the pool, I'll had to miss tonight because I had a customer reception, and Tuesday as I have a dinner, so I'll be swimming Wednesday and Thursday...