Snow Patrol at Stubbs

Well Saturday night I with with Kris to see Snow Patrol at Stubbs. It was a warm evening, just right. We caught the bus down from South Congress and walked along 6th St which was just warming up to.

There were two support acts, the second of which were OK GO. They were really pretty good, at for one number they had a your black kid called Tim on stage with his jumping rope. Boy could he jump too... sometimes he was doing the rope 3-4ft off the floor!

By the time Snow Patrol came on the place was packed. The outdoor stage at Stubbs is actually pretty good considering its a downtown "arena". The sound quality was very good and very clear, if you click on the picture, you should get a watchable video of Chasing cars. Enjoy!

After the show we walked over to Colorado and 3rd and got a bus just past midnight back to South 1st. Yes, I have a car, yes, I can afford to park downtown, but the new dadnab txt msg service for the next bus here in Austin just makes it to easy, especially given bus fares are only 50cents.

To try it, just txt 4th and congress to mary and 1st and send it to - cool... and its worked evertime I've used, it the buses are pretty good here in town!
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Yep, thats them and they were pretty good even without the extreme skipping guy!