Triathlon t-shirts

IM Hawaii t-shirtI was just checking the news on Henry Budgett and Co's excellent Tri247 which is the follow-on from the ground breaking triathletes-UK web site. One item caught my eye down at the bottom in the recently viewed list, yep it was my old Triathlon T-shirt etiquette arcticle that I'd written back in the winter of 2003 and sent to Henry in 2004. You might enjoy it...

On the subject of writing, I've just submitted my last Cathcarts Corner column for the British Triathlon Trinews magazine[1]. I'll pull together the whole series and post them as a PDF, but if you are really desperate for some tips on transitions before the season starts, send me an email and I'll send you the word version I submitted.

New Rule number 15. "If you don’t know what things like DNF, T1, T2, Brick sessions are, then you shouldn’t wear any race shirt until you do."

[1] Soon to be online here.
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That's awesome. Number 13 made me laugh. Hard.

They have an event here where one is encouraged to wear the oldest race shirt they have. Peter Lever generally wins by breaking something out from 1981 or earlier.

Excellent! I love #8. I would just love to see someone wearing a gian DNF on their shirt.

Actually I am in charge of the weekly newsletter for our Team in Training Sacramento Team. I would love to put your article in my newsletter, with full credit of course! Would that be alright?

No not yet. I have to go to city council on the 28th of this month for another presentation. After that I will know. Which sucks, because if they decide not to renew the contract.... I will need to find a new job in 3 days!