Farewell 613

613 is moving tonight. Yep, sometime just after midnight they'll be taking the house away. If you've never seen a house moved it might worth coming along to watch, theres something slightly, err, moving about taking an old house away.

I'd guess this was one of the originals from the street built back in the 1930's, the "half an acre and a mule" days. The house will have seen some great times, some sad times and despite it "gentle wear", will go on to bring joy hopefully to more familes.

The house is being moved by AAA Structural and House movers. Their corporate slogan is "Save a tree, move a house", but moving a house is much more environmentally friendly than that. Sure its saves the trees that would otherwise be used. It also saves all metal in fittings and supports, it saves all the metal and cables in the wiring, it saves the wallboards, ceilings etc. All of this stuff comes from the earth in someway, and most of all it saves it all being dumped back in the ground as landfill.

So long 613, enjoy your new lease of life!
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yeah but watching a house be moved is like watching grass grow....sloooooooow :)