Yeah but

So much for environmentalism, I got up this morning and the TV wasn't working, then I tried the Internet and it was was bust, so I picked up the phone to call Time Warner Cable[1] and there was no dial tone.

Oh yes friends, when 613 went, it took the line between my house and the pole with it...

Calling Time Warner Cable[1] they don't have any appointments until Monday, neither of which I can do, so I'm on a "forced" appointment to get reconnected. Sigh... I just know they'll call at the most inconvinient time. Posting yesterday was obviously tempting fate. I'll have to see what aka AAA Structural Movers have to say about my half day off work.

[1] Time Warner Cables recorded message proudly boats that you can speak to an agent 24-hours a day, 365-days a year. What it doesn't say is it takes that long to actually get through..
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So that was you calling the cable company this morning from Advanced Rehab. I thought so. It was nice to cross your path. I hope you don't mind that I lurk here and read your entries.
It's not bad. A quick and easy read (I think it's technically a "young adult" book). It's a mystery set in Victorian times. I love mysteries!
Don't you hate that? This situation is one of the reasons I'll never have VOIP at home. I rarely use the house phone, but when you need it, you need it (it's also NOT a cordless phone, so I don't have to depend on having electricity to make a phone call). So sorry for you! Hope you get 'reconnected' soon.