Steel versus Steal ?

On my ride this morning I did 15-miles out of downtown Tampa on Florida Ave. There must have been thousands of new and used cars in lots either side of the road. You got to wonder if there are that many unsold/unused cars on one road in one town, how many are there across the USA ?

Having battled the wind and the cold up through somewhere called Lutz, I turned and started to enjoy the ride back, spinning easily at 25MPH. Never underestimate... the other day I remarked how good the road was for cycling; well I let it effect my thinking and planning... I crossed the first rail of a railroad crossing and the 2nd rail caught me off guard. Came off, skinned my knuckles, bent my front wheel, but worst of all after a loud crack on the road, broke my Bell helmet. Picked myself up and literally 30-seconds later a passing Cop stopped, helped me collect my stuff together and gave me a ride back to the hotel... my pride was wounded, my helmet broken, my top ripped but nothing that won't be OK in a week or so.

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As a bike racer and city commuter I feel that I have skill to avoid accidents, i.e., thinking what is going to happen. Of course that's a bullshit excuse and I should wear a helmet. I have Limar helmet I think its ugly, I gotta get me a chiq Lazer helmet, then I'll wear it. I just don't wear it when I'm commuting just racing/training. Glad to hear you're fine.
My old Helmet was a Bell Alchera, I ordered a Bell Phi Pro replacement from PerformanceBike last night; they have the prior years models on a reasonable discount.