Blowing up and keeping austin weird

I went out on Big Red this morning and did the ATC Saturday ride at race pace. I got back to the house 11-mins quicker than last week I think. then it was a quick transition in the garage and out on a run.

I decided to do 10k which was a mistake it turned out. I felt good out to the Mopac bridge which was about 5k. Across bridge abd I started to feel tired by the time I got to the bridge at Barton Springs I'd blown up completely... no energy, felt slightly dizzy. It was a long walk home.

Hannah Williams BandI didn't make it. I struggled up South 5th and when I got to Cafe' Caffeine there was a band playing. I stopped for coffee and a muffin and 2-hours later and I'm still here, too tired to get up but listening o the excellent Hannah Williams band.

Its hrd to describe what its like. besides from the fact that Davids Food Store across the street looks like a scene from a western and is doing storming trade in beer. The locals are out in strength. These people are my neighbours... there are the two women in their 60's dancing like its still the 1960's, there's a guy in a cowboy hat and boots doing what can only be described as line dancing on his own!

Davids Food Store with Leslie going The local cross dresser, Leslie, just came by, he is so famous they sell cut a "Leslie Dress-Up Magnet," of him. Today he was wearing roman sandles, a skirt that passed for a belt and a thong. oh yes.. trust me on that one. Then there we two old guys who turned up on bikes with their dogs in trailers, well one had on dog in his trailer and two on leads.

There is a constant stream of old restored cars going by, but otherwise not much more of an audience and the Hanna Williams band were really good... oh well its 2.45 better go home. keep Austin weird.
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