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Invasion of...

So, Sunday, I never went straight home from Cafe Caffeine after all. I walked up S 2nd and caught sound of more music. I remembered it was Invasion of the Go Girls. I stood outside briefly and decided if I was staying I was going to go in a sit down.

Now, maybe the joke was on me, dunno. But there I was salt stains and all, in my triathlon gear and hat. Including reasonably tight lycra shorts. It occured to me after sitting there for a couple of minutes that what I was at, was Invasion of the L Word. Just an observation, nothing more.

GirlPartsUp when I first came in was Sonia Leigh. A lonely, elfish looking girl with a direct voice and somewhat tortured but nervous face, accompanied only quietly by a guy with a violin. They were excellent. Next up was GirlParts, apparently missing a part. They were again unsure of who was playing what, but they swapped effortlessly between playing keyboards and accoustic guitar,Liz Clark and Melineh Kurdian played off each other just fine.

After a final jam' number where they were joined on stage by most of the audience, who seemed to have one talent or another, besides me, Invasion of the Go Girls was over and I was finally done.

I went home, showered, dressed, fed myself and then just one last go, popped around to Cafe Caffeine. When I got there, almost deserted, sat in the middle of the stage was Barry Ingle, just him an electric piano and maybe two or three people. I know this is going to annoy him, but he sounded a little like a cross between an "early Elton John" and Damien Rice. Barrys CD was my 3rd purchase this week, the others being the Gingerbread Patriots and the Saint Etienne London DVD bought from End of an Ear. By the time he finished his audience had grown to maybe 10-people, what a waste. He though played a full set and was again excellent.

Barry was effectively the last artist of SXSW or least Cafe Caffeines ATXtreme, 50 bands over 5-days at one little coffee shop off the main SoCo and SoFi drags, included Michelle Shocked and Tommy Ramone with his new band Uncle Monk (yes . . . THE Tommy Ramone!) all for free, all easily watched without massive crowds, long lines, hawkers, and dubious other types.

Coming into all this I may not have known much about the SXSW Music Festival, coming out I still don't but there was some great music on stage, and all for free, next year I'll be better prepared.

Virginia, Virginia - Barry Ingle
Hollywood - Barry Ingle
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