triman (triman) wrote,

Personal Best

Slightly confused about my 5k time from the w/e, so I went looking through past results and can't find it. Until proven otherwise these are my PB's. Still a long way to go, but optimistic about 2007!

IM Distance 15:21:44; July 2006, The Longest Day, UK
HIM Distance 6:31:14; May 2006; IM Florida 70.3
Olympic distance 2:38:04; Sept. 2006; Montreal Triathlon Festival
Sprint(1/2, 12, 3.1) 1:18:57; July 2006; Mossman, CT
Super sprint(1/3,11,3.1) 1:09:30; Sept. 2006 Sand Key Triathlon, FL

Half Marathon 2:04:32; Jan 2005; Carlsbad, CA
10k 55:16; March 2006; Strawberry 10k, Tampa FL
5k 24:15; March 2007; Star Flight 5k, TX
Tags: pb, pr, races
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