T3 Brick session and re-thinking my race schedule

Well looks like my race schedule is going to change a bit from what I planned earlier in the year. My move to Austin and very little training between October and January didn't help, followed by my ankle problems mean I'm less fit than I hoped.

I went out yesterday and the T3 Training event at Dick Nichols Park in South Austin, The swim was cancelled as the pool was closed, so we had a short run into transition and off. The first group who were doing the longer course left two minutes earlier, when our group left I blasted the transition and did a running mount and was easily first[memo to self: Don't forget left shoe forward!].

At first I thought I was going to catch the first group quickly, but it never happened. I was thwarted by traffic lights having to stop at the first two and when we got out onto South Mohpac they were gone. By this time I'd been caught and passed by two guys from my wave, both much younger, and that was pretty much the way it stayed. I blasted out 4-laps of the bike course as hard and fast as I could, something like 44-miles averaging 18.8 MPH over a somewhat hilly course.

I did catch a few of the first group but not as many as I'd like, one of the women I passed, re-passed me as I faded towards on the way back to the transition along with one woman who'd sat mon my tail for pretty much the whole ride, while they got to transition before me, I left well before them, but my speed didn't last long. I think I was dehydrated from the bike, and I didn't last long, I slowed to a shuffle at 1.5-miles, after the water stop I struggled to start again and somewhere I took the wrong turn, or missed a turn and the 3.2-mile loop turned into 4.75 one, when I got back I decided that was it for me! 4.5 miles, 42-mins, 30-seconds.

BIG THANKS TO THE T3 TEAM and to Jodie from AT.

I think I need to add some more runs in to keep me focussed on my weakest dscipline. Any ideas ?

March 17th Star Flight 5k(24:15)
April 15th Austin Cactus Challenge (olympic distance)
April 29th St. Anthony's Triathlon, St Petersburg, FL(olympic distance)
May 12th Armadillo Hill Country Classic 2007, 105 mile bike ride
May 20th Austin Triathletes Open Water Swim race
June 16-23 Sierra to the Sea bike tour
Sept. 23rd Sand Key Sprint Triathlon Clearwater FL(defend title ;-) )
Sept 30th LongHorn Half Iron Triathlon
Oct. IBM Up Town Classic 10k
Nov. 11th Triathlon oneOone series finale, The Woodlands (North Huston)
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Thanks for the report
I really wanted to do that training event but it conflicted with the Rosedale Ride. It would have been disappointing not to swim (which is my weakest discipline). Sounds like you did a great job on the bike!