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Hard time swimming today

So I showed up at Barton Springs at 6.25am today for an early morning swim. I expected there to be some change after the rain, but nothing could have prepared me for what I saw. The place is wrecked... or at least looked like it.

The water was up over the diving board level, all the sidewalks were gone and there were large pieces of wood and other debrie floating down the springs towards the river in what was a real current. Not sure how long it will take to clear up. What a shame.

So, I jumped back in the car to drive over to Stacy pool. Live Oak was closed as it was flooded, I had to take a detour around the neighbourhood, and somewhere around the back of Newning got completely lost. I went out to Riverside and onto Travis Heights and found my way back that way. Stacy was in good shape, I enjoyed the swim but it was an effort to get started.

2.4km, 50m 44s.

Call 476-9044 to check when its likely to be open, probably closed at least through the w/e!
Tags: austin, stacy, swimming, training
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