Does it get any better?

Sunset from the HurricaneSo, Friday I got on my bike and cycled from St Pete up to Clearwater(Home of the 70.3 World champs) via the PInellas Bay Bridge and Gulf Boulavard. Never more than 100ft from the Gulf and back, a 66-mile ride.

The winds were brisk but the temperature was high 70's when I left, I biked out through downtown St Pete, past a cop on a Segue, through downtown where the Honda IRL Grandprix cars were just warming up, past the Dali museum and out towards Pinellas point and Fort De Soto, the warm sun on me alll the time.

I pushed up to Sand Key park, averaging 19MPH over the 34miles. Stopped for a smoothie and then set off to get back. Back iin St Pete after a 17.5MPH average return, I went for a 2-mile run to round out at 69miles for the day.

Later in the day in was dinner at Julians to celebrate and a slow walk back along the water.

Saturday it was an easy 10-mile ride with Kris, followed by grilling on the balacony and late nite at Dinos downtown.

Sunday early was the St Anthonys run course in a record 56:40 for me, next time I run it, it will be race day. Then brunch, sit out on the beach, an easy 1/2 mile swim with the sound of the St Pete Grandprix as a backdrop.

Finally we are up on the deck of the Hurricane for the sunset, live blogging. Then it was a drive back across the bay in the Mercedes SLK230 with the top down and dinner on the balcony with the full moon shining down. Yep doesn't get any better than this.
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I hate you. I did 3 miles of hills today with my parents. While fun, it was a bit cold (45) and quite hilly.
I miss living there. Especially the Tuesday night rides with the old guys, and the Monday night runs where Danny Nolan, John Woodruff and others handed me my ass my freshman year. St. A's course is nice, I have my PR there also.

Enjoy your stay - 6PM at the North Shore pool tomorrow if you're catching the run.
Nah, sadly I'm back on the plane on and my way back to Austin by then. I'm going out with the Monday morning 30-mile ride to Passe Grill though...
I wanna be on the beach!
Sounds like you had lots of fun and good workouts too. A perfect combination for a triathlete! See you back in Austin sometime soon.
Re: I wanna be on the beach!
Back tonight. My son is coming to visit from England Wednesday, much to do, looking forward to it ;-)