triman (triman) wrote,

Getting better by the day

Wednesday I went out and did a PB over my Austin 10k course, Friday I did a hard 66 bike and a 2-mile brick, yesterday I did the St Anthonys tri run course in just over 2-minutes faster than this time last year.

This morning I did the St Pete Bike Club 20-mile ride leaving North Shore Drive pool at 8.30am. It was a fast 18-miles once we got going, when they formed a chain gang and stepped up to 25+MPH, I was able to ride from pretty much the back to lead for half a mile before dropping back, it will be interesting to see the stats from the Garmin when I get back to Austin.

Best of all though, I went for a 5k run when I got back, 90-second transition, then out on the run, I felt really strong going down North Shore Drive(see picture) and even stronger on my way out to the country club on Snell Island, got back to North Shore Drive and ran hard back to where the finish will be for St Anthonys and I have to say, have never felt so good after a bike/run session.

For the 3-miles I was 25:20 off a hard bike. Thats easily my fastest ever off the bike.
Tags: stpete, training
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