Because everyone else is doing it...

March's totals
Bike: 212.85 miles in 14:01:52
Run: 34.69 miles in 5:41
Swim: 6.32 miles in 2:33:07

2007 to date
Bike: 541 miles (fastest per mile pace 27.2)
Run: 90.5 miles (fastest per mile pace 6.57)
Swim: 24.23 miles (fastest per mile time 24.13)

Not all my workouts are logged in SportTracks where I got these totals from, but its pretty close. March was my first really consistent month of training; AJ and Brian at Advanced Rehab have made a world of difference to my ankle and I did more mileage last week that I did the whole of February;

Overall I'm very optimistic if I can keep up the training between now and the 12th when I'll taper for the Cactus Challenge Olympic distance race; followed by a couple of days rest; a hard week of speed training and then two days of rest before the St Anthonys triathlon. If I get through St Anthonys without too much trouble, I'm going to shoot for a 10-mile run the day after, if I can do that without any major pain then I'll register for the Florida 70.3 Ironman at Dsiney in May.
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Good job!
I guess I was pleased with my totals because March has 31 days, most of which were pleasant for working out! Good luck in your upcoming tris!
Re: Good job!
Yeah, I'm glad I have no big race plans for July and August when it will be really hot, I was 4lbs down on my 66-mile ride last Friday despite drimking four bottles and a large smoothie!

It will be interesting to see how I manage to keep training across that period ready for the Triathlon 101 race in Woodlands(November) which is becoming a more important race for me, a couple of my protege elites are now coming over from the UK to do it as well...

Interesting that our totals for March were pretty similar for distance, are you planning any local Tri's this year ??
Re: Good job!
Woodlands sounds interesting. Our distances might have been similar but you're way faster! I'm trying to 'step up' and do Oly at CapTex this year (having never done CapTex before) and quite a bit of the TX Tri series. Guess it's time to put that stuff on my LJ page.