Lessing Raffle update

Entries are closed. We had sixty, which is pretty decent! Ian has been a superstar and made a voluntary contribution on top to cover the handling fees!

You can get a copy of the entry spreadsheet here:

You'll be able to open the zip file if you have Winzip 9.0 or later, but WILL NOT be able to look at the spreadsheet without the password. The password will be available with the winning numbers when Jasmine replies.

I've just sent this email to Jasmine.
"Jasmine, Happy Easter...

I hope things are not too frantic getting ready for the wedding! If by return you could just send me six numbers between 1 and 60  (inclusive) these will be matched up with row/line numbers in a spreadsheet and be the winners.

Things here in Austin are going great, except the temperatures this weekend, we've gone from a hot 78f earlier in the week, to a wet and windy 48f today(Saturday). Still, should be back in the high seventies by next weekend when I have my first Triathlon of the year, the Austin Cactus Challenge Olympic distance race."

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