Barton springs - Pay Attention... Now...

So Barton Springs is back open, I dived in at 6.28am this morning and got a solid two lengths in before colliding with someone else, there were only three of us swimming, d'oh.

Turns out that we were being told to get out due to the thunder and lightning, probably a good idea but the old guy backstroking with fins on complained about the Bush nation and mentality and questioned why you never see fish getting out of the water when there is lightening. I just shrugged my shoulders and smiled quietly, there is no where in the UK that they'd let you swim for free before it opened and there is no such thing as "swim at your own risk".

On the way out I checked the various notices.

1. Barton Springs Master Plan

Turns out there is a meeting at Austin Council Chambers on the 16th starting 6pm about the Barton Springs Master Plan. At the time of writing I have no idea what this is or covers, but anything called a master plan is bound to mean some changes. I did a quick google and found these two links:

and this reall excellent blog

Seems like if you swim at Barton Springs and care what happens there, it would be worth turning up on the 16th.

2. The Cap2k swim race

There is a Cap2k open water swim race on May 6th in Town Lake, which fits in with my plans as I'll be in Florida a couple of weeks later when its the Austin Triathletes swim race.

See you at Austin City Council chambers on the 16th ?