Pleasant surprise, bad back

well my prep for this weekends Cactus Challenge have not gone well. after an excellent run Monday, taking another 1:37 off my best time for my 10k, my lower back has been really stiff.

I managed to get an appointment with DR Z at Advanced Rehab on Wednesday morning and that helped some. I set out this morning to ride to work via Advanced Rehab for a session on my ankle with Brian. if I got there I couldn't stand easily I was going DNS for the Cactus Challenge.

So good news was although my back was stiff by the time I got there it wasn't painful and I would been able to get around a 10k. While I was doing my PT sets, I was suprised when shubbe came up and said hello. nice to meet you :-)

Anyone coming to the Cactus Challenge this sunday, i'll be racing in my red and blue Tri-Force race team kit, and on the Big red Cannondale... say hello, I don't bite ;-)
Man, your ankle is pretty strange-lookin'. I heard some of what you were talking about, about how you'd abused yourself with ice-falls and glass and whatnot. A believer in living life hard, huh? :)
If I remember correctly my mispent youth wen something like this:

broken bottle in one side and out the other, left ankle, cut major artery, walked home squirting blood like a horron movie after jumping out of tree in local woods - (age 12)

Right knee medial and lateral ligament damage from soccer (age 16)

Right Meniscus damage + partial removel (soccer, age 18)

Minor fracture right tib, motocross accident (age 19)

Major tib/fib break right leg, 2-inches lost bone, surgeon recommended amputaion (age 20, 363-days(yes thats 2-days before my 21st)) riding motocross bike into double decker bus.

Major tib/fib reconstructive surgery on right left after ankle deteriorated playing indoor soccer season in NY (age 32.5)

and thats it, if you ignore the totally stupid things, jumped out of window during after school detention, ran from building and craked skull on another open window, six stiches, age probably 14.

Fell on ice in school yard, hurt back; monitor advised not to move, ambulance called, meanwhile I'm left laying on ice... when it got to the school I'd lost all feeling from the waits down.

Then there was the fishing hook through own nose. Don't ask, I'd pretty much forgotten this until my Mum mentioned it the other day ;-)

Oh and then there was last years discovery that one of my heart valves leaks after initial problems 2-days before the St Anthonys Triathlon. I still did the race; 3-weeks later after extensive tests revealed the leaky valve but couldn't find the cause of the earlier problems I did the Florida 70.3 race in 95 degree heat and at least I know what the problem is not when I feel weak and dizzy during a run... yep I'm dehydrated becuase blood is leaking into my chest cavity, but not enough to warrant replacement as otherwise my heart is stronger than most peoples at 30!

So, yes, my ankle is a bit weird, actually its my leg, but its the least of my problems ;-) and it was so nice to meet you... would have liked to have talked more but had to get to work and shower and change for a 9.30 meeting!
Good Luck this weekend! Aches & Pains be damned! ;-)

(I know... you're more careful than that!)
Are you sure ?

Still I was reckless in my youth, I value my life and my health now too much to do anything stupid... (see above post!)