Lost on the swim or just confused?

Well I came away from yesterdays Cactus Challenge triathlon convinced a poor swim had hurt my result, I didn't get passed by anyone in my age group on the bike or run, and only passed by one person older than me, Mike Peterson a retired US Army guy, 62, who was flying on the run!

I sat around with my parents, who were visiting from the UK, and Kris who was in from Florida, for the results, we stayed to the bitter end as I thought my time had got me 3rd in my age group, but then when that didn't happen, I assume I must have entered as a Clydesdale so we waited for the Clydesdale results as they didn't have seperate waves and were just in with their age groups. Nope, didn't get a Clydesdale result either even though I was faster than the 3rd placed guy.

The full results are posted this morning and they are confusing as heck. It would seem that 3Disciplines racing is using the old US only age groups, or DOB age groups. I should have been in the 50-54 age group this year, but was classified in the 45-49. I came 6th in that age group, but would have been 2nd in the 50-54. However, since the guy that won the 45-49 age group was also 49, I assume he was in the wrong age group as well as he would have won 50-54 which would have meant I placed 3rd in 50-54.

Oh well. My swim was actually pretty reasonable for both age groups, I'd have placed 4th in 28:32. It seemed a little long to me though. I had a reasonable T1 in 2:35 which included a long run uphill and removing the wetsuit(fastest in both AGs); the bike was ok, I was slow getting my feet in the shoes but otherwise had a reasonbly stong 1:16:41 for the 26.7-mile bike; I screamed through T2 and doubt there were many/any faster in the age groups, it seems at 49-seconds I was only beaten by the male pro's and I beat Desiree Ficker ;-); The run was the usual hard slog for me, made harder by the failrly long slow up hill round the back end of the lake which had to be done twice, at 59:40 it was in fact the run that let me down as usual. Sigh.

Still much better than I could have hoped for 6-weeks ago when my ankle problems started. Overall it was a fun race, I got a great sleeveless cycling top as I signed up early. However, not only was their confusion over the age groups(in my mind), but there was no evidence of any draft marshals and I definately saw some age groupers drafting off the back of Desiree, there were a ton of guys racing without shirts; and I expect lots of frustrated locals out on the main highway trying to get to the church and gas station that had to cut a across the bike lane...

Oh and I didn't meet any locals, but Joey and Maggie from Austin Triathletes were stars! They were both there volunteering Saturday afternoon at packet pick-up and both there during the race, with Maggie standing in the blazing sun while Adam from Jack and Adams blasted through the results and Maggie handed them out, something about Vanna White?

Swim(1500m?): 28:32(4th AG, 51st overall)
T1: 2:35(fastest in AG, 49th overall)
Bike(26.7/40k): 1:16:41(4th AG, 41st overall)
T2: 49s(fastest in AG, 8th overall)
Run: 59:40(7th in AG, 132nd overall)
Time: 2:48:16(68th out of 180 finishers)

Full results
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Missed you again!
I worked the Friday Packet Pickup at J&A's. Your frustration about the drafting, no shirts, etc., is understandable, but as I told many folks Friday, this race was not USAT-sanctioned. You had some fast times! 49 seconds in T2? wow!
Re: Missed you again!
Oh well, our time will come!

Did you give any thought to partnering up for the couples triathlon or are you waiting for the "right man" ;-)

I enjoyed the swim in the lake, despite what I'd heard and my run would be quite a bit quicker after only a short bike!
Re: Missed you again!
that's very flattering. Combining my turtle pace with your speedy pace would really benefit me! not so good for you though ;) From reading your posts, it seems I'm nowhere near as competitive as you are. Couples can be any two people (or you can also participate alone this year, I read somewhere). Thanks for the offer. I should come swim with you at Stacy sometime so you can see just how slow I am!
Re: Missed you again!
Yes, I'm competitive, but I also like to have fun. I have to work hard on the swim/bike to make up for my slow running.

So the offers open, I'm sure it would be fun, my schedule is open in July, I won't have done any tri related stuff for a couple of months so it would be fun to restart.

I'll be swimming at Barton Springs Tuesday morning, and then flying to Florida on Thursday for St Anthonys triathlon... but I'll be back on the 1st and ready to swim...