Big boy, big mistake

One of the things about being a big guy, 205lbs, 6'2" with a dodgy leg is that depending on how I feel on the day I enter races, I make sometimes questionable decisions. For most people entering a triathlon is pretty straightforward, you provide your details and get a place in your age group.

Everynow and again, like last weekend, a non-USAT race uses age based age groups. For example at 49, I get to race in the 45-49 age group, where as this year I'm "aging-up" and in a USAT race I'd be in the 50-54 age group. It was therefore with some shock I just looked through the start list for my next race, St Anthonys triathlon only to find I wasn't in either age group. Further down the list, there I was in the 40+ Clydesdale start list.

Why did I do this? Its a huge field(pun intended) and at Olympic distance I have no chance, and so I should have just stuck with my age group, where I also have no chance but at least won't be confused about why I'm racing. Not sure if I should write to the organisers and ask to switch or just live by my own mistakes.
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It shouldnt be a big deal to switch.

I'm moving up an age group this year too, 45-50. I was hoping Id have a better chance now, but there is this really fast bugger that I just found out is the exact age as me, so he moved up this year too! :(