triman (triman) wrote,

Busy weekend...

Took Friday off to take my parents to San Antonio. Instead of zooming down I35 we went on the old road which I've biked a few times and I was surprised how many cyclists were riding.

We stayed at the Hampton Inn downtown which was clean, central had decent beds and was a good price and just two blocks from the Alamo. I have to admit the Alamo wasn't what I'd expected. Having got over the fact it was downtown, it was actually pretty good. Not over commercialised, fairly respectful and a pretty decent garden with a huge tree.

Interesting factoid, 11 English men died at the Alamo, add in the Scots and the Welsh and more Brits' died there than Americans. who'd have guessed ;-)

Contrast that with Riverwalk, which was much better than I expected. In fact excellent. Of course everything was packed as Friday was the first day of the big Riverwalk Festival which gave everything a much more interesting vibe.

Saturday after walking around a bit more we left and took at easy drive up to Fredericksburg. Again, a pleasant surprise, not over commecialised, some pretty decent original looking buildings and lots of cool VW's crusing up and down the mainstreet.

My initial reaction was it would make a great long bike ride out there one Saturday from Austin. But 290 didn't really look safe and a lot of it was that chipped stone pavement which vibrates like heck. I mentioned it to my neighbour who is a motorcyclist and he assured me there are some great backroads. Hmm...

Sunday I got out early on my bike, once I was past Loop 360 I got caught in the drizzle, back in Austin it was still dry and I had a good ride, but I couldn't believe how dirty my bike got. It's going to take me longer to clean it that the ride took :-(
Tags: training, travel
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