Fellow in da house...

My mail arrived Friday last week, it was in a pretty poor state even inside the mail box it was wet and dirty, I assume it was dropped somewhere.

One envelope though that made it without damage was from the British Computer Society(BCS). I've been appointed a Fellow and the enclosed details included my certificate. Chuffed to bits, it's the BCS most senior professional grade.

So, I am now Triman, FBCS CITP ;-)
I apologize for our completely shitty postal system.
Re: Congrats!
Hey, USPS isn't that bad, its a massive country and they do a pretty good job given the price we pay. The Royal Mail in the UK isn't better and is more expensive but becuase the country is about 1/3 the size of Texas geographically they can offer next day delivery but often fail to get it there on time...