Bigging up St Anthonys

I must admit I've been kinda low key about this weekends St Anthonys Triathlon. I've even decided not to take my race bike... but then I read this in the St Pete Times on the website...

"Spectators will bring their sunscreen and lawn chairs, ready to watch more than 4,000 of the fittest triathletes on the planet, including amateurs and professionals from 46 states and 15 countries."

"Cowbells will ring at the most popular viewing locations along the race course, including Coffee Pot Bayou Bridge best place to watch the runners; 3rd St. S. and Bayshore Drive near the St. Petersburg Pier (can view cyclists riding in both directions); and the race start at Spa Beach (good photo opportunities and chance to listen to knowledgeable race announcers stage the excited triathletes at the swim start)."

Oh yeah baby, it's race time, time to get motivated!

here am I on my way into T2 at last years race... maybe I should take that race bike, it looks sweet with the Zipp wheels now and the Spinergy wheels sold on ebay for $300 last Sunday... I feel lllllllucky...

How nice is this race location...
You look intimidating!

Enjoy the race. I swore never to do it again after 2003 - the bike course was just too dangerous for the sub 1 hour crowd.
Hey thanks, I'm just hoping to one picture on the run with both feet on the ground... unlike yours which were all that way for an IM race ;-) I may look intimidating but you are...

ps. I got motivated, have changed into my old Team GB kit and am off for a run... time for my two best friends, mo & mentum!
boy I really messed that comment up... what I meant was hoping to get one picture with both feet off the ground, ie I'm flying on the 10k run...

My target time is sub 2:35, I'll settle for 2:40 though...
No worries - you got the point across.

I always found Ironman running easier than shorter course... oddly enough.
Go Triman Go!!

Take the big gun bike! You always impress me with your bare foot ride into transition. I'm still a scaredy cat, but I'm working on it.

PS: Loved the "mo" & "mentum" bit!
Hey, we could do a transition training session when I'm in town... it doesn't take too many tries to gain confidence, although not really needed for IM Distance... there are some tricks that make it easy. I'll see if my article in the British Triathlon trinews is published now and send you a copy.

Have decided not to take the bike, don't want to get it damaged, $160 bucks for the roundtrip, lots of hassle at the airports... when I already have a training bike there. I'll just have to work harder on the bike to make up!
Which would be good advice for a regular triathlete... but given my run is always bad, even when I have not biked before, I just go out and try to hang on in the run.

Tell you what, last year St A. wasn't bad, all the TITTs (team in training triathletes) got their own wave right at the end and were not out on the road when we were. If its ok this year, how about coming to race next year, you can give me a handicapp and we'll make a race of it. I can provide somewhere for you to stay for free right across the street from transition.
That sounds more than fair - I have some demons to slay on that course (I've never run well there).

However I'll be going to the Olympics to cheer on my friends, so that may be my only vacation in 2008.
;-) its men, clydesdales/athenas/women/team in training agains this year.. so boobs to the back!

My wave starts 8.15am, how civilised given I only have a 150m walk to get to transition! Shame I have to set-up at 7am and leave transition. I guess I might go back to bed for an hour.

I've decided to stay in the Clydesdale wave and not take my racing bike, time to go, need to go home and pack. Will post results sometime on Sunday!
You are the true tri-traveler with a bike in every port, eh! ;-)

A training session when you're in town sounds good. BTW, this weekend the forecast here is warming up. I'm going to use Ultima again since it worked so well during my training weekend on the Wildflower course.

How about you come out for Wildflower next year instead of St. A's? It is a legendary weekend that everyone should experience at least once!
I'd consider Wildflower again, I did it back in 2003 the wet w/e... we had hailstorms, rain and sun all in one race. It was my first half distance race, I was 40lbs heavier, I broke a spoke in the 1st 10-miles on the bike, and I had what I'd describe as a poor day at the office... finishing in 7:22:57.

The event was great though, we hired an RV for 8, with just three of us.
So I guess I ought to consider coming back, especially if I do ok later this year in my 3/4 distance race in November.
You, mo and mentum are going to rock! Good luck this weekend - hope you have a fabulous race and a safe trip.