triman (triman) wrote,

Bigging up St Anthonys

I must admit I've been kinda low key about this weekends St Anthonys Triathlon. I've even decided not to take my race bike... but then I read this in the St Pete Times on the website...

"Spectators will bring their sunscreen and lawn chairs, ready to watch more than 4,000 of the fittest triathletes on the planet, including amateurs and professionals from 46 states and 15 countries."

"Cowbells will ring at the most popular viewing locations along the race course, including Coffee Pot Bayou Bridge best place to watch the runners; 3rd St. S. and Bayshore Drive near the St. Petersburg Pier (can view cyclists riding in both directions); and the race start at Spa Beach (good photo opportunities and chance to listen to knowledgeable race announcers stage the excited triathletes at the swim start)."

Oh yeah baby, it's race time, time to get motivated!

here am I on my way into T2 at last years race... maybe I should take that race bike, it looks sweet with the Zipp wheels now and the Spinergy wheels sold on ebay for $300 last Sunday... I feel lllllllucky...

How nice is this race location...
Tags: stanthonys, triathlon
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