St Anthonys - A result, but only just...

St Athonys was huge this year, over 4000 competitors including the Team in Training and the relays, it was organised to a T though, the race started on time, the swim was calm and well laid out, the roads were pretty clear and well policed, and the run was, well, the run.

My race was pretty decent to a point. My swim was better, 27-mins for the swim, 1:15 for the bike and I was on target for a PB but come apart on the run, probably more than usual, probably through a combination of the effort on the bike and the heat. I did the run at 87% of max, which is probably too high given I walked probably at least a mile. I'll look at the data later but my run time was a poor 1:06

The one thing I'll fault the race on are the lines for food, drinks and transition afterwards, they were huge! - I didn't even bother to join them and walked back and got showered and cleaned up before returning and collecting the bike. I was on my way out and they were just about to do the elite awards and I stopped by the board to check mine, just when the guy said that they were doing awards 10-deep. And yes, ladies and gentlemen, I came 10th in the Clydesdales...

Rather than wait though, I went back dumped my stuff picked up KKW and we went for brunch at the Vinoy. It's one of the best places and not to be missed when in town. On the way back they were still packing up the main tent, we stopped and asked, and yes they had the awards...

Weight before the race 205lbs,
Weight after the race 199lbs
Weight after brunch at the Vinoy 203lbs

OK, so I couldn't wait, below is just the HR data for T1, Bike, T2 and the run. the 1:15:02 point is the dismout from the bike. So yes, I'd say I went too hard on the bike, maybe zincii is right afterall. The question for me is time lost on the bike compared to the gain on the run. I guess the only way I'll find out is to do some actual tests. Still, thats probably my last Olympic distance race for this year.

Total: 2:52:21
Swim: 28:35, 11th category, 1319th overall
T1: 1:19, fastest in category by 20-seconds, 150th overall
Bike: 1:14:34, 9th category, 1249th overall
T2: 1:31, 2nd in category, 598th overall(?)
Run: 1:06:23, 15th category, 2326th( :-( )

I'll probably do the Madeira Beach Sprint in May, then probably a half in Sept/Oct followed by the Triathlon 101 Series Finale in November, when its definately HRM pace.
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congratulations! i don't get all the data stuff, but hardware is always good.

What's your HRmax? If I'm reading that graph correctly you may be underestimating it...?

Did you warm up? (given your training volume you may find value in doing a warmup on a wind trainer for 10-20 minutes prior to short events)

Was your HR really low coming out of the water?

You can see that your HR trended lower during the bike - that's not what you should be seeing on a hot day where you'll get cardiac drift (HR will rise for a given effort as you dehydrate). Do you have a power meter?

So in the old days I used to go 2:13 in St. A's - what's the handicap for 2008?
I think 22-62-38 is probably within my power on a great day... total time around 2:05... although I won't be looking forward to training all winter and may go back into workaholic mode after IMH - in which case I'd be lucky to go 2:15 with a 25-67-40 split.
166 is my HRMAX, remember I'm 50 this year, its pretty close to 220-age.

I was using a Garmin 305, you can't use them in the water, so the graph shows really me pressing start when I picked out of my helmet and put it on my wrist. No power meter, and I'm not sure what happended on the bike, about 8-miles out I just couldn't keep it up. Maybe I've not done enough training.

You'd really have had a clear course, the pro's went first; then the PC athletes, then the elite amateurs, then the age groups; after that the Team in Training.

2:05 would have placed you mid-elite amateurs. It would have be last place in the pro's. 2:04 though would have won you the 25-29 age group.
It's amazing you can keep it so high for so long... maybe that's an age thing too.

I'd go elite amateur or age group - if the younger age groups went out first... although racing age group I'd feel guilty about a podium in the 25-29 since all the fast guys are racing elite. Same thing happened in 2001 and I've left the silverwear in the closet since then.
WAY TO GO!! Congratulations! Great photo too!

Amazing to see how much I'm missing out on by never wearing my hr monitor. . .
Actually mines one of those integrated GPS thingies, and the software that came with it wasn't that good. The above graphs come from something called Sporttracks which is a free download from the Internet.

The problem as I see it is that its great full of data, which is good to use afterwards. For example I can go look at a specific piece of the course, by half mile, rationise what was going on and work-up a good excuse... all I really need though is a basic HRM and use that while I'm actually racing and listen to what its tell me.

According to the HR data from yesterday I spent 2-hours at 90% of MAX HR. Add into that 28-mins swim, probably around 90%, and then I wonder why I was out of exhausted come the run. I should have done most of the bike no more than 80% of MAX HR and then maybe I'd have had something left.

I knew I was in trouble as I ran into T2 after a running dismount, my legs were not really going... which explains my relatively slow T2 as I had a long run with the bike to my rack position, and then a short run out.

It could has also been the fact I was using my 3rd string bike, which is really set-up for long comfortable training rides and only has short Profile Jammer tribars. Still, enough of the excuses!

Next up a sprint race. Short enough distance for my HR and my ambitions to go flat out for the whole thing!
Congratulations on your race!
1:06 for the run doesn't sound so bad to me (it's faster than I currently run). Awesome job-- and in a huge field of competitors!
Re: Congratulations on your race!
See you thought I was fast ;-)

I guess I'm disappointed becuase I've done a lot of strength work and had really hoped for more. You can read into that, my ego won't allow to accept just another race with a poor run.

Thanks anyway, getting a prize for 10th was nice though!
Geez Mark, you're looking well. The move has done you a power of good!

If you're looking for a half in Sep, cash in some airmiles and do the Vitruvian. Cracking race, although it could always p*ss down with rain!

Thanks Foz, good to hear from you.

There is a half here in Austin this year, I'll probably do that. Airmiles are scarce this year since I'm not doing much travelling, pretty much all I have is now either used or allocated to my summer bike tour in California. I have a couple of trips to the UK to schedule for visa related, maybe if one of those works out.

It would be fun to come back and do something with the club, the St Albans triathlon doesnt work out though as I start my bike tour that day. I keep watching though and will hopefully make something.