Well looks like I'm going to do the Shiner ride Saturday with triathletebigo but somehow we are going to bike there AND Back. I'm really doubtful about making the whole 180-miles in a day, 100 maybe, 140 possibly, 180?

Anyone else doing it and taking a car, any chance of a lift back to Austin so I can do the 1-way? If not, I guess I'll have to judge on my way up if I can do the whole 180 miles, and if not, turnaround at 60-miles to do 120 or somesuch.
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How on earth will you be able to ride another 90 miles after free beer? ;-) someday I hope to do that ride.
Re: Overachievers!
I suspect in reality I won't actually go as far as the brewery if theres no sure way to get back. Since I don't have any family etc. herev to call and come get me, if I'm starting to tire on the way, I'll just turn around at say 60-miles and ride back alone.

Next year I need to sign-up early and book the return bus.