Late, Late...

Didn't get back from dinner to 'til late and woke-up late this morning, so there is no Shiner ride for me. I'm off out on my own to ride on the old San Antonio Road through Buda and San Marcos to New Braunfels and back. Did I say I was late?
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sounds like a good plan
Hope you had a good ride. Our TDT group did bike loops out east of P-ville today. How was the wind on your ride? I think some of our ladies were a bit... ahem.. unprepared for the wind out there. And the rattlesnake.
Re: sounds like a good plan
See my update:

Yes, it was windy. Didn't make much difference to me as I was taking it easy on the way out. I had two Deer run out in front of me, kinda scary, but not nearly as scary as the moron women wandering all over the road when I got back in Austin, sodds law that when I went to overtake her she veered to the left and nearly knocked me off... shame I didn't have my HRM on, would have been an interesting spike!